Interesting facts about Coahuila Mexico

coahuila mexico indians

Indians lived in the area hundreds of years ago so Coahuila was named for the indigenous Indians whose name, Coahuilan, means “between the trees or among them”.

Things you didn’t know about Coahuila

Bird Museum of Coahuila

The Bird Museum of Coahuilan (Museo de las Aves) is located in Saltillo and has 1,800 specimens of bird varieties collected by Aldequndo Garza de Leon over a period of four decades.

Old map of mexico Texas

The state of Texas was part of the Mexican state Coahuila y Tejas before declaring independence in 1835.

Chef Ignacio Nacho Anaya Nachos

Piedras Negrasis is a town in Coahuila where Chef Ignacio Nacho Anaya served the first-ever plate of nachos in 1943. The fashionable appetizer of tortilla chips and melted cheese has become a Tex-Mex cuisine favorite for several decades. In honor of this delectable invention, the town hosts an annual nacho competition at the end of October each year, a must for Nacho lovers worldwide.

Parras Coahuila

The first recorded wine production on the American continent was made in Parras, Coahuila. The area is still known for its wine production and holds many critically acclaimed events along with the production of some excellent wines sold worldwide.

Parras  Coahuila wine