History of Coahuila Mexico

Map Mexico 1780

The Spanish explored the north of Mexico some decades after their victory in the capital of the Aztecs. The exploration was delayed primarily because the northern climate was harsher and there was no gold in the region. The first recorded Spanish settlement in the region now called Coahuila was at Minas de la Trinidad in 1577. Saltillo was settled 9 years later in 1586 to form part of the province of New Spain or Nueva Vizcaya. Later it became one of the first provinces of Nueva Extremadura to be explored by European people. “Coahuila and Texas” was one of the founding states of the newly independent United Mexican States under its 1824 Constitution, and included Texas, Nuevo León and Coahuila.

coahuila Torreon

Afterward in the same year Nuevo León was detached, but Texas remained a part of the state until 1835, when it became part of the Republic of Texas. In 1840 Coahuila briefly became a member of the transitory Republic of the Rio Grande. On February 19, 1856, Santiago Vidaurri annexed Coahuila to his state, Nuevo León, but it regained its separate status 12 years later. During the Mexican Revolution, Francisco Villa attacked the city of Torreón.

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