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Palacio de Gobierno | Government Palace

Saltillo Government Palace The Saltillo Government Palace built in 1808 is a gem of neoclassical architecture. It features some murals depicting the political history of the State, painted by Almaraz and Tarazona. Inside the Saltillo Government Palace building you’ll find the Venustiano Caranza Museum, this two-story museum displays a collection of photography, furniture, documents, objects and a […]


Museo del Desierto Desert Museum

Desert Museum This unique museum, and is considered the largest of its type in North America. It exhibits the biodiversity of the desert, along with some dinosaur fossils and minerals. It also feature a display of pieces of the nomadic tribes who populated the region. Close to the museum is the Maravillas Metropolitan Park, with green areas, fountains […]


All About Saltillo Coahuila

Saltillo, Coahuila’s capital, is the oldest city in northeastern Mexico. One of the country’s most dynamic industrial centers. Saltillo is famous for producing the traditional multi-colored Mexican blanket, the sarape. The Cathedral of Santiago built between 1746 and 1810, is one of the largest and most beautiful cathedrals in the whole of Mexico. The architecture, […]


Museo de Ciencia y Tecnología El Chapulín | Science and Technology Museum

Saltillo Science and Technology Museum The Saltillo Science and Technology is a Museum features interactive materials where you can learn all about the universe, ecology, mathematics and physics. Notably, the Museum of Science and Technology allows people who visit to touch the exhibits (which is not allowed in most museums) and have fun with them. […]


Recinto Juarez museum Saltillo

The Recinto Juarez museum in Saltillo displays documents and artifacts from the mid-1800s. The Desert Museum showcases the region’s customs, traditions and animal and plant species. It also encompasses Recinto Juárez University Cultural Heritage