Museo de Ciencia y Tecnología El Chapulín | Science and Technology Museum

Saltillo Science and Technology museum

Saltillo Science and Technology Museum

The Saltillo Science and Technology is a Museum features interactive materials where you can learn all about the universe, ecology, mathematics and physics.

Notably, the Museum of Science and Technology allows people who visit to touch the exhibits (which is not allowed in most museums) and have fun with them.

In the Electrizante room of the Saltillo Science and Technology museum you’ll discover the secrets of electric charges and their different applications, scale models of a hydroelectric plant, a power plant, a nuclear plant, and a thermoelectric plant. Some have functional mechanized systems.

Up next is the “En Marcha” room which tells the story of the wheel and its applications, a chronology of transportation, information on airplanes and their applications, an astronomical dome to give a walk in space, a view of the galaxies, planets, stars and constellations, and the amazing Robotics Lab.

Last but not least, there is the “Fourth Dimension” room, fitted with a projection system and stereoscopic technology that allows the viewer to see images floating off the screen and perceive depth just like 3D!