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Coahuila Economy

Coahuila Mexico is accountable for more than a third of Mexico’s steel production. Since the passing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994, the state’s automobile industry has expanded. Thanks to this brisk growth, the state has become a major auto-manufacturing center similar to the U.S. city of Detroit in the early […]


Ecotourism in Coahuila Mexico

The 200,000-acre Nature Reserve of Cuatro Cienegas is located in the desert valley just northwest of Monclova. Monclova Bordered by towering mountains, this nationally protected area offers hundreds of freshwater ponds, desert gardens and white gypsum dunes. It is also home to a high number of rare and endangered organisms endemic to this reserve. The […]


Coahuila Nature Reservas

Coahuila contains two biosphere nature reserves. Maderas del Carmen lies on the northern border of the State, and includes sections of the Chihuahuan desert and sky islands of pine-oak forest in the Sierra del Carmen. The springs, lakes, and wetlands of Cuatro Ciénegas lie west of Monclova on the west slope of the Sierra Madre. […]


Distances from Saltillo Coahuila

Some major tourist destinations are relatively close to Coahuila, making the state an excellent base for traveling around the region. Notably Monterrey and Nuevo Leon are extremely close. The road system is modern and well maintained on most routes, especially between major cities or on the Mexican highways. • Monterrey, Nuevo Leon: 89 km. • […]